This bundle is for the small business owner who need understanding on follow-up methods to increase business sales. This template covers:

  • The follow-up sequence guide: This guide gives the exact follow-up funnel we use to help out clients add 5-figures in revenue to their bottom line each month! We provide an organizational chart so that you can have a visual of how your follow-up workflow should look to convert sales.
  • Follow-up conversion spreadsheet: This spreadsheet helps you simplify lead tracking. Keep all of your leads and notes in one organized place. We also included a sales conversion guide so that you can see exactly how many clients and customers you're converting in your business. 
  • Follow-up email template: We give you the follow-up email sequence and the same verbiage we use to convert leads via email. 
  • Systems guide: Our systems guide provide you with inexpensive systems needed to mange your leads and sale in your business. It's perfect for the small business striving to grow. The systems provided are guranteed to get your business organized and help you as your business elevates. 

The Follow Up Blueprint