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How to Write an Operations Manual

Most small businesses do not start with an operations manual but find they need one as they grow their business. Continue reading for answers to the most common operations manual questions.

Why is an operations manual important?

An operations manual is the backbone of your company. It lists all your processes to operate your business. If you use an operations manual template, customize it to fit your business perfectly. The following three reasons are key for why you need an operations manual.


An operations manual provides clear documentation of how to get jobs done in the most

efficient way possible.


Your employees should be knowledgeable about the business and how it works.

Keeping documentation of knowledge about the business and processes is extremely

important. If a key employee leaves the company, you can keep their knowledge in the

operations manual.


Operations manuals keep your employees accountable for their actions. They will know

the right and wrong ways to complete their tasks. With this documentation, they will

take responsibility for any mistakes.

What is included in an operations manual?

Each of the following business processes is included in operations manuals, but it is not limited to just these.

Company Hierarchy Model

No matter the size of your business, there should be a set hierarchy of employees.

Include what their tasks are and who each person manages or reports to.

Workflow Processes Guide

Your standard operations should have an ideal workflow to keep the processes moving

in a timely and proficient manner.

Contact Details

The operations manual should include details for key personnel in case they need to

contact them.

Emergency Procedures

In the presence of an emergency, all employees should know how to respond to the

situation. There should be a process for what needs to be done to resolve the problem.

How do you format an operations manual?

First, choose your preferred method of delivery to employees. This may be a booklet or online document. Determine which processes you want to include. Get feedback from your current employees in case they think something important is missing. Add in a table of contents so it is easy for employees to find exactly what they are looking for.

Be sure to proofread your operations manual so your company looks professional. Consider outsourcing your operations manual to professionals that specialize in it. You may also purchase an operation manual template and customize it to your business.

Hire an Online Business Manager to Streamline Your Processes

When writing your operations manual, ensure that your processes are streamlined and efficient. Tailored Business Solutions will analyze the current state of your business processes and plan for implementation.

Our team specializes in online-based businesses. We offer day-to-day project management, operations solutions, team member management, and metrics to determine growth.

Do you need help writing an operations manual or business processes? Schedule a consultation with us today to get your business on track for success.

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