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Effective Follow-Up Strategies

Follow up with potential clients to close sales. This is a business process that many of our clients need help with, so do not hesitate to reach out for help.

Continue reading for some effective follow-up strategies to make your small business the money it needs.

Follow-Up Sequence

The first step in creating a follow-up strategy is the sequence in which you follow up. You should create a follow-up funnel. Each business needs a sequence that works with their business culture and the product/service they are selling. Create an organizational chart so you have a visual of how your follow-up workflow should look.

Follow-Up Conversion Spreadsheet

Simplify your lead tracking with a spreadsheet. Include all your leads and their contact information in this document. Add extra notes that apply to each client. You can also include when the last time you contacted them and if they responded. This keeps everything organized in one place. CRM systems like Salesmate are helpful tools to track and manage your leads.

See exactly how many clients and customers your business converts. Do so by generating a sales conversion equation. CRM systems prevent you from manually calculating these conversions.

Follow-Up Emails and Phone Calls

Curate the perfect verbiage to convert leads via email and over the phone. Personalize each follow-up to your potential customers and clients. A few follow-up tips for either form of communication are:

  1. Ask questions that get extended response answers. This gives you useful information when closing the sale.

  2. Keep the conversation balanced. Let the client speak, but don’t let them do all the talking. This works both ways.

  3. Clarify answers by repeating them back in your own words. There is always a chance of misunderstanding over the phone or through email. If the client gave a vague or complicated answer, this allows you to clarify the information and keep it from becoming a problem.

  4. Send follow-up emails to recap a call. This is technically a follow-up to a follow-up. It is important to point out highlights from the conversation and any outstanding items that need checking.

Hire an Online Business Manager to Teach Effective Follow-Up Strategies

Manage your leads and sales in your business. Set up a business process for follow-ups. This helps your small business grow and get organized.

Tailored Business Solutions manages online-based businesses. Our services include day-to-day project management, operations, team members, and metrics.

When working with us, we analyze the current state of your follow-up strategies. We identify weaknesses, risks, and areas of opportunities. Next, we plan implementation. Our team chooses which plan works best for you. We can put in place our systems and effective follow-up strategies in the background for you. If you would prefer for us to do the work with you, we can create a collaborative effort to implement new systems, processes, and follow-up strategies. Our team develops a plan for our partnership. Based on the package chosen, we breakdown the workflow and begin the delegation process.

Are you interested in a business process solution in follow-up management for your small business? Schedule a consultation with us today to get your business back on track.

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