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Business Process Solutions That Tailored Business Solutions Offers

Shorten your to-do list and workdays by improving your business processes. Small business owners already have a ton of work on their plates, so why not make life easier?

Business Process Solutions

Focus on growing your business instead of doing mundane tasks. We offer solutions to the following business processes (and more).

Team Communication

Less time spent communicating (or miscommunicating) means more time for productivity. Set up a business process for your team to communicate in the best way possible. Programs for project management include Asana and Teamwork. Using programs like Slack or Flock will allow your team to engage with each other through instant messages, phone calls, and video calls.

Business Process Mapping

The purpose of business process mapping is to focus on work rather than hierarchy. This process uses flowcharts. Your business will understand whether current business processes are working and how to simplify them. Do this regularly to have a good understanding of how your business runs.

Client Onboarding

Getting a new client is exciting. Sometimes you can’t wait to work with them, but onboarding them gets in the way. The onboarding process depends on the type of client you work with. It is important to have a process tailored to your exact needs.

Employee Onboarding

Hiring a new employee may seem like a chore because of all the work that goes into it. Stay organized and reduce the time it takes to get the employee started by creating a process for recruiting, interviewing, and training.


Many small businesses skip out on follow-ups. Having a follow-up strategy is a huge way to close sales. Setting a schedule for following-up is the first step in this process. Ensure that your business keeps all contacts organized and up-to-date. Keep a process for emails, phone calls, and meeting follow-ups.

Customer Support

Loyal customers are key to business success. Keeping customers happy through customer support is a time-consuming task. Automate responses wherever you can. This includes a voicemail on the phone noting popular questions, a chatbot on your website, and automated responses on social media.

Hire an Online Business Manager

Tailored Business Solutions manages online-based businesses. Our services include day-to-day project management, operations, team members, and metrics.

When working with us, we first analyze the current state of your business to identify weaknesses, risks, and areas of opportunities. The operations improvement session maps out ways to streamline your most important processes and workflows for lead management, project management, and operations.

Next, we strategize implementation. Our team will choose which plan works best for you. We can implement our systems and effective follow-up strategies in the background for you. If you would prefer for us to do the work with you, we can create a collaborative effort to implement new systems, processes, and follow-up strategies.

Our team develops a plan for our partnership. Based on the package chosen, we breakdown the workflow and begin the delegation process.

Are you interested in business process solutions for your small business? Schedule a consultation with us today to get your business back on track.

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