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Welcome to Tailored Business Solutions


Organizations Served

Tailored Business Solutions is a Global Operations Management Consultancy serving corporations, federal, state, local government agencies, and nonprofit organizations. Our team of consultants works closely with organizations to improve operational efficiency and enhance organizational performance for expansion and long-term sustainability. We're committed to delivering solutions that drive success, ensuring your operations meet your strategic objectives. 

Our Services

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Operations Management Consulting 

Strategic Planning

Process Improvement & Development

Project Mangement

Is your business prepared to streamline operations to uncover its full potential? Ready to elevate efficiency, maximize resources, and enhance productivity? Discover how our management service can be the catalyst for your business success.

Are you seeking a roadmap for sustainable growth and long-term success? Curious about how strategic planning can align your vision, objectives, and drive meaningful results? 

Need help managing upcoming projects? We provide end-to-end project management services, ensuring timely delivery and successful outcomes. Our team is ready to contribute to the successful execution of your projects.

Looking to enhance operational efficiency and drive continual improvement? Learn more about how we can help refine and optimize your processes to elevate your organization's performance? 


For almost a decade, Tailored Business Solutions has worked with a growing number of businesses across the globe to provide management consulting, operations management, and project management services. We've worked to provide world-class strategy consulting services to diverse industries in both the public and private sectors. Our years of experience in the operations management industry have demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to our clients and tailored solutions to complex operational challenges. We believe that our clients deserve more than just services – they deserve transformative solutions for sustained growth and excellence. 


"It's been such a great experience! Tailored Business Solutions not only organize my business, and implement systems and processes but has helped with strategies to increase sales. That's a really really big part of business. In order for you to make more money, you need to sell. In order for you to scale your business and grow you need people who can come in and do things for you. Tailored Business Solutions team has effectively come in and helped with our sales process, and sops, and given us ideas to implement. I would recommend Taylor and Tailored Business Solutions to work with anybody, any one of my clients, anyone I know because they are an amazing asset and will help your business get to that next level."

- Ephraim Egbele, CEO EFS Group PLLC
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"I decided to work with Tailored Business Solutions to get clarity about what gaps and holes I had in my business. When I reached out to the company to support me, I got a lot of great support from Taylor who is the owner of the business, she sat with me and went over a lot of the areas in which I needed to develop systems and processes. One of the other things that became really important and very insightful during my work with Tailored Business Solutions was thinking about if I had this service at the beginning of my business, I would have saved myself a lot of money. If I had my systems in place or knew what SOPs needed to be in place, I would have made a lot of different decisions in terms of investments, which would have been helpful for the growth of the business and our bottom line. Now as I'm starting to scale, I really see the benefits of having effective operations in place because that's really the nuts and bolts of your business. So if you're looking for a team to support you, make sure that you decide to work with Tailored Business Solutions."

-Djuan Short, CEO of Dahlia Rose Wellness Center
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"I reached out to Tailored Business Solutions because we needed help with organizing our standard operating procedures. We were really good at doing the work for our clients but we weren't great at having our own processes document for people on our team to follow the workflows. As a CEO it is a vulnerable place to have to open up about what you're not doing well and trust that someone can help you,  but the Tailored Business Solutions team completely understood. I have taken strategies from them to improve how I run my overall business. If you are a CEO thinking about SOPs and you don't have the time, you need to talk to Tailored Business Solutions, they're going to help you with strategy,  processes, and automated workflows. It was a great experience, I highly recommend that you reach out to them today to get started."

- Belinda Fly, CEO HR Board & More Inc.
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